Let the music play video

Let the music play video

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Пример употребления фразеологизма to carry out like clockwork: 676 We brought him to the theater just by the time the show started the plan was carried out like clockwork. 687

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В косвенных повелительных равно восклицательных предложениях, чаще только взаимодействие времён отсутствует. В зависимости с контекста могут заменяться глаголы said, told, advised да .

Список английских слов 2 класс

Ex. 6 page 89 Nevita, Rachel and Trevor are at Robert 8767 s home. Listen and read. Then answer the question: Who likes the Naomi Campbell poster? Невита, Рэйчел да Тревор находятся во доме Роберта. Послушай да прочитай. Затем ответьте сверху дело: Кому нравится афиша вместе с Наоми Кэмпбелл?

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Пример употребления фразеологизма to frighten someone out of one 8767 s wits / to scare to death: 676 You scared me half to death. Why didn 8767 t you just knock? 687 / 676 That dog frightens me out of my wits, they should keep it chained. 687

Пример употребления фразеологизма to fall between two stools: 676 Harris fell between two stools of philosophy and mathematics. Having divided his time equally between both subjects, he left University without a degree in either. 687

Пример употребления фразеологизма to lose count of time: 676 Have you lost count of time, brother? I have put two and twenty summers behind me. 687

Пример употребления фразеологизма to rack / cudgel one 8767 s brains: 676 You should rack your brains to solve this problem. 687 / 676 Brian sat, trying to cudgel his tired brain into deciding what to do. 687

next week/month/year
last week/month/year

Пример употребления фразеологизма to keep one 8767 s ear open / to keep a weather eye open: 676 They soon went North since then Augusts had kept his ears open for news that she was widowed. 687 / 676 You should keep a weather eye open with people like that. 687

Ex. 66 page 88 Write sentences using these words. – Напишите предложения используя сии слова.
6 I/like/play/the guitar. – I like playing the guitar. Мне нравится шалить для гитаре.
7 Nevita/often/go/swim. – Nevita often goes swimming. – Невита неоднократно занимается плаванием.
8 They/ (not) like/use/the computer. – They don 8767 t like using the computers. Они далеко не любят вкушать компьютером.
9 We/never/go/run/in the evening. We never go running in the evening. – Мы в жизни не далеко не бегаем до вечерам.
5 You/ (not) like/use/the computer. – You don 8767 t like using the computer. – Вы отнюдь не любите злоупотреблять компьютером.
6 He/ (not) go/rollerblade/with John. – He doesn 8767 t go rollerblade with John. – Он безвыгодный ходит кататься держи роликах со Джоном.

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